Do I have keratoconus?


Consent for using the F6 keratoconus test:

I understand and agree that using the F6 keratoconus test will not fulfill any of the following specific medical purposes: diagnose, prevention, monitoring, prediction, prognosis, treatment, relief or compensation of injury or disability, examination, replacement or alteration of the anatomy or of a physiological or pathological event or condition, obtaining information through the in vitro examination of specimens derived from the human body, including organ, blood and tissue donations, and the like intended effect in or on the human body neither by pharmacological or immunological means nor metabolic is achieved, but its mode of actions can be supported by such means.

The F6 keratoconus test is based on a mathematical calculation of a value from the statistical evaluation of hundreds of eyes suffering from keratoconus and normal eyes. The size of the value F6 allows a statistical estimation of the probability that a keratinous is present.

I declare that I understand that

there is the possibility that in individual cases both false positive and false negative results of the calculation may occur,

the present F6 test is only an aid which does not replace the ophthalmologic examination,

in any case, only a specialist can make a medical assessment with regard to clinical picture.

I further declare that in the event that I notice a change or deterioration in the condition of one of my eyes and / or the visual acuity of one of my eyes, I will immediately consult an ophthalmologist regardless of the outcome of the F6 keratoconus test.



Do I have keratoconus?

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