Dr. Haifa A. Mahmoud


Dr. Haifa is the medical director of Dr. Haifa Eye Hospital and she is one of the leading ophthalmologist in Bahrain. She treats various eye diseases and pioneers in introducing various technologies in ophthalmology diagnosis and treatments including laser treatment for vision correction with 20 years of experience.


Dr. Haifa Eye Hospital

Dr. Haifa Eye Hospital is a world-class facility focused primarily on quality eye care with cutting edge technology and a highly skilled medical team. Dr. Haifa Eye Hospital is a pioneer in MyoRing implants for keratoconus and high myopic patients and has been selected as an authorized international reference center for MyoRing implantations in keratoconus management in the Middle East. Dr. Haifa has been selected as a member of the international medical advisory board of DIOPTEX – a global leader in corneal technology.



  • We were the first to introduce the AHMED VALVE procedure (advanced glaucoma surgery) in Bahrain
  • We were the first to introduce lamellar Keratoplasty using PALK system in Bahrain
  • We were the first to introduce MyoRing implantations both conventionally and with Femto-LASIK for keratoconus treatment in the Middle East in 2008
  • We were also the first to introduce the LIPIFLOW dry eye treatment in the Middle East in 2013
  • We conducted the FIRST INTERNATIONAL OPHTHALMOLOGY conference on January 16-18, 2014

Dr. Haifa Eye Research Center

The Dr. Haifa Eye hospital established the Dr. Haifa Eye research center in 2014. This is one of the eye hospitals in the Gulf Region having this facility. Upon establishing the Dr. Haifa eye research center, we collaborated with the government and various members from the private sector to start a national campaign to screen and estimate the common eye diseases and to help eradicate them through a proper channel in Bahrain. As an academic hospital, teams of physicians and scientists regularly collaborate to both treat and study disorders affecting the eye. Our institute regularly organizes meetings and symposia. These are dedicated towards continued medical education and act as a forum for discussions concerning topics of breakthrough research in ophthalmology. Currently, our research teams are involved in common eye diseases. An ethical approach and adherence to the good clinical practice guidelines are our strengths. The Dr. Haifa eye research center continues to compete to conduct cutting edge research on the eye.

The Dr. Haifa eye research center also conducted seminars and workshops on writing and submitting research studies. 

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Dr. Haifa Eye Hospital
Address: Building 960 Road 7321 Block 373, Abu Gazalah, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain.
+973 17 25 25 74, +973 17 26 14 14
+973 17 25 21 10
P.O.Box : 24141
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