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International activities

Dr. Daxer is an internationally leading specialist in the field of keratoconus and corneal & refractive surgery. He shares his extensive skill set and knowledge in this area with ophthalmologists around the word and teaches modern treatments for complicated corneal diseases such as keratoconus. He cooperates with leading scientific institutions on an international basis.


Doctors St. Pölten

Dr. Daxer shares close ties with the Department of Ophthalmology

at the University Hospital in St. Pölten. 

ESCRS Vienna 2011

Talk on "Modern Treatments of Keratoconus" at Schloß Schönbrunn as

part of the ESCRS conference in Vienna in 2011. 


CISIS/MyoRing Munich

Lecture on CISIS/MyoRing for ophthalmologists in Munich.

CISIS/MyoRing Berlin

Lecture on CISIS/MyoRing for ophthalmologists in Berlin.


CISIS/MyoRing France

Talk in front of an audience of international ophthalmologist at the ESCRS in Paris 2010.

Keratoconus Paris

Dr. Daxer at the first Keratoconus Expert Meeting 2010 in Paris.



Dr. Daxer at the ESCRS 2012 in Milan.

ESCRS Milan surgery

Surgical exercises for ophthalmologists at ESCRS 2012 in Milan.

Dr. Daxer and Dr. Alberti

Dr. Daxer and Dr. Alberti performing CISIS/MyoRing treatments

at Columbus Clinic in Milan in 2010.


CISIS/MyoRing Madrid

Dr. Daxer and Dr. Arnalich performing CISIS/MyoRing treatments

at the University Hospital Ramon y Cajal in Madrid.

Dr. Daxer talk

Talk for an audience of international ophthalmologists at the ESCRS 2015

in Barcelona on the topic: "Successful CISIS/MyoRing treatment

after unsatisfactory cornea transplantation."

ESCRS Barcelona

Sixth Keratoconus Expert Meeting in Barcelona in 2015.

Great Britain

ESCRS London

Dr. Daxer holds a lecture at the ESCRS in London in 2014.


ESCRS Netherlands

Talk at the ESCRS in 2013.

Czech Republic

MyoRing Prague

MyoRing implantations in Prague.


Dr. Daxer and Dr. Milova

Dr. Daxer and Dr. Milova performing CISIS/MyoRing treatments in Moscow.

Surgery Omsk

Surgeries in Omsk.


Pocketmaker USA

Dr. Daxer and Dr. Durrie testing the PocketMaker Ultrakeratome

for the modern treatment of presbyopia in Kansas.


Lecturer and chairman at the ASCRS conferences in San Diego, Chicago, San Francisco,

Boston and at the AAO conferences in New Orleans.


Beijing, Tianjin and Shanghai

Dr. Daxer teaching modern treatment methods for keratoconus in Beijing, Tianjin and Shanghai.


Keratoconus Bursa

Dr. Daxer leads a talk at a conference on keratoconus in Bursa.

Training Istanbul

Dr. Daxer trains ophthalmologists in Istanbul.

Abu Dhabi

World Ophthalmic Conference (WOC) 2012

Dr. Daxer gives a talk at the World Ophthalmic Conference (WOC) 2012

about modern treatments for keratoconus -

Scientific panel

and leads the scientific panel for this topic.

Surgery Abu Dhabi

Dr. Daxer explains the principles of modern surgical technologies and conducts

surgical exercises at the World Ophthalmic Congresses in Abu Dhabi 2012.


Surgery Sharm El-Sheikh

Dr. Daxer holds a surgery course at a meeting in Sharm El-Sheikh.


Surgery Cairo

Dr. Daxer shows the CISIS/MyoRIng treatment to Egyptian doctors in Cairo.

Award Egyptian Ophthalomological Society

Dr. Daxer receives an honorary award for his achievments and contributions to the

treatment of keratoconus from the Egyptian Ophthalmological Society.

Saudi Arabia

Lecture Saudi Arabia

At the invitation of the King Khaled Eye Specialist Hospital, Dr. Daxer holds a lecture

on the modern treatment of keratoconus for Arabian eye specialists in Riyadh.

CISIS/MyoRing Riyadh

 Dr. Daxer performs CISIS/MyoRing treatments in Riyadh.


Sociedad Peruana De Oftalmologia

At the invitation of the Peruvian Ophthalmological Society (Sociedad Peruana

De Oftalmologia), Dr. Daxer holds a talk in Lima.

MyoRing implantation Lima

Dr. Daxer demonstrates the MyoRing implantation in Lima.


CISIS/MyoRing Teheran

Dr. Daxer demonstrates the CISIS/MyoRing treatment in Teheran.


Lecture Iraq

Dr. Daxer educates Iraqi doctors in Erbil.


Dr. Daxer and Dr. Haifa

Dr. Daxer and Dr. Haifa perform CISIS/MyoRing treatments in Bahrain.

Conference Bahrain

Dr. Daxer as a speaker at an international conference on keratoconus in Bahrain.


Corneal surgery Dubai

Dr. Daxer teaches ophthalmologists in Dubai about corneal surgery.

Emirates Ophthalmological Society

Dr. Daxer holds a talk about the treatment of complicated corneal diseases at a

meeting of the Emirates Ophthalmological Society in 2010.


Lecture Sudan

Dr. Daxer educates eye doctors in Khartoum on the treatment of keratoconus -

a corneal disease that particularly frequently occurs in Sudan.

Training Sudan

Training for ophthalmologists in Sudan.


Honorary member Colombia

Dr. Daxer becomes an honorary member of the Colombian Ophthalmological Society

(Sociedad Colombiana de Oftalmología).

Eye surgery Cali

Dr. Daxer educates ophthalmologists on eye surgery in Cali.


Lecture Thailand

Dr. Daxer educates eye specialists in Bangkok.

Surgery Bangkok

Education of ophthalmologists on modern corneal surgery in Bangkok.

Picture taken after a successful treatment day.


Lecture Uzbekistan

Education of ophthalmologists at a special conference on keratoconus in Tashkent.

South Africa

Lecture at the annual meeting of the OSSA (Ophthalmological Society of South Africa) in Sun City.